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Info for Parents Who Has Children Playing Monster MMORPG

What is MonsterMMORPG?

MonsterMMORPG is a free online Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG).

MonsterMMORPG is an online version of the hand held games.

Who all is on this site, and what ages?

There is a variety of ages on this site. Users from age 8 to 30+.

Is my child safe?

Yes. MonsterMMORPG is a very safe site, and focuses on keeping members from harm. It is noted that a user is only as safe as they make themselves. We do not encourage users joining with their real name, or sending their contact info to anyone. We cannot prevent users from doing this, however, it is at their own free will.

Does this site store info?
Like mostly all websites, MonsterMMORPG does store Cookies. However, none of your child's personal info is displayed. For a more detailed version on this, please Click Here.
What if my child is being bullied?
The Moderators of MonsterMMORPG do hard work trying to keep the site free of bullying, but as with any situation, it's not always reported to the staff. If your child is being bullied and/or harassed by a user on our site, please have your child send a PM to one of the Moderators listed below.

All of the Moderators are very helpful, and will work to rectify the situation. There are many other moderators than the ones listed above which can be found in the chats. However, if you want to get fast help, contact one of those listed above.
Please note: You must be logged in to send private messages, so it's advised you log onto your child's account and send the message.
I want my child's info deleted from this site.
To have your child's profile deleted from the site, please send a PM to CeFurkan.
What if my child has been causing problems on this site?
Generally, we try to be fair to users, and will give them warnings. If they continue to cause problems, we take away certain abilities from them, such as chat access, private messages.
We also ban users from the site, but we try not to unless it is completely called for. In some cases, we might be considering to contact your ISP and report for abuse.
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