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The Community Zone!

This is a place where you can learn everything about the game and get to know your fellow players better. Find out more about who the top players are, the best places to train and tips on catching the best monsters, and even where to find them!

If you don’t want the advice of moderators that have played and supported this game for a long time, then you are free to discuss anything within our rules and guidelines. Perhaps you wish to talk about your favorite Television show, or maybe you want to discuss books or youtube videos?

ALSO if you have any users you need to report or any scamming issues that need to be fixed, you can tell us on this forum.

Another benefit of registering on our forum is that You can advertise your monsters that you catch here, which allows you to reach more players and make more GOLD!

There is no reason not to register on our forum, no Email activation is required, and you can have your own avatars, signatures, and personality. If you want to enjoy our game to the fullest, as well as experience ALL the features this game has to offer, then come see us and introduce yourself on the forum!

~Monster MMORPG Staff~

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