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Glyptodon City Click to see this route's zone global map. This is the best way of finding your path Click to see all zones (1-19) world map image. Big size image
Average Level: 0
Average EXP: 0
Average Gold: 1
Different Monsters: 0
Zenith Monsters: 0
Legendary Monsters: 0
Ancient Monsters: 0
Route Order 213
The Reachable Maps From This Map
NPC Trainers found on this Map
Rock Trainer
66,900 EXP
3,345 Gold
1 x AI1
1 x AI2
Name Class Level Held Item
Corasert Emissary 51 Rock Crystal
Name Class Level Held Item
Chesshot Emissary 51 Rock Crystal
Rock Trainer
152,240 EXP
7,612 Gold
1 x Quality Net
1 x Attractive Player
Name Class Level Held Item
Moniterra Superior 53 Evasion Armor
Name Class Level Held Item
Gnogoyle Emissary 53 Vampiric Weapon
Name Class Level Held Item
Spinoglair Emissary 52 Burning Weapon
Name Class Level Held Item
Canislupus Emissary 52 Defense Armor
Rock Trainer
65,140 EXP
3,257 Gold
1 x AI1
1 x AI2
Name Class Level Held Item
Gastrazen Superior 52 Paralyzing Fang
Name Class Level Held Item
Racrodactly Emissary 52 Paralyzing Fang
MonsterMMORPG Glyptodon City: Game Map of MonsterMMORPG, Route Id 213, Zone Rock. MonsterMMORPG Glyptodon City Game Map: Route Id: 213, Zone: Rock. You can catch 0 different Monsters at this route of MonsterMMORPG game.
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