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Developed by Furkan as a Free-to-Play Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplay Game targeting both casual and hardcore gamers, Monster MMORPG is a marvelous Browser Based RPG and sets a superb standard for other games of its kind.

Set in the Averium Isles on a unique world where people and powerful Monsters coexist, players are utterly immersed in their adventure from the very instant they sign up, choose an account name, and select their starting companion Monster. There are various goals in the game for players to choose from; the main goals are collecting Monsters, battling with other players and NPCs, and earning Ancient Gems from challenging nine Arena. Each of these goals branch out into diverse game mechanics and multitudes of manners in which to achieve them. Monster MMORPG has a multitude of thorough systems such as: maps, battle, capture, training points, unique values, natures, moves, abilities, field moves, voting, steps, several encounter nets, monster radar, the monster player, the rematch activator, chat, and private messaging. It should already be crystal clear that Monster MMORPG has had a lot of well thought out work put into it by the game developer to make the game more fun and convenient for every single player, and that's not even the half of it!
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