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Is Playing Games Waste of Time

Is Playing Games Waste of Time?

1. - Playing games are a waste of time in most cases. MonsterMMORPG game is no exception.

2. - If we are going to play games (any games), the most important rule is doing our main duties and never taking our duties lightly. For example, doing our homework, working on our exams, going to our job, caring about our family, doing our praying if we are a believer, etc.

3. - It is not in our hands to decide how much you can/should play or restrict your playing. Therefore, it is in your hands to decide how much you are going to play.

4. - The best case would be not playing any games at all and doing all the time useful things. However, since I also play, it would not be honest for me to give you this advice.

5. - The second most important thing according to me is the religious stuff in the games.

6. - We should never mix religion in any game in any case.

7. - Therefore, the MonsterMMORPG game never uses any god, godlike, divine, holy, and such words in the game.

8. - All of the characters used in MonsterMMORPG are either fully fictitious characters (Monsters, etc.) or based on real animals, etc. There is nothing religion-related.

9. - I believe that there is only a single Creator (God) and I think we can only know Him by knowing His attributes. However, of course, you are free to believe what you want.

10. - To know Allah : Names of God in Islam > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Names_of_God_in_Islam

11. - Therefore, please do not mix any religion-related thing with the game when playing.

12. - Lastly please read gameplay rules > Rules

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