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Most likeness to THAT game is purely coincidental at this very point, however, because Monster MMORPG (M3O for short) is brimming with original content.

From Palladium Town to Vulture Rocks and everything in between, M3O has a shocking total of 83 completely unique maps! In the vast majority of these maps, players can hunt for Monsters to add to their collection; the sum of these Monsters adds up to a staggering 659 Monsters of every color, shape, and size. With so many Monsters out there for the catching, players are highly encouraged to progress through the game from island to island using ships as their main method of traveling to other landmasses until they are able to teach a Monster a special move which allows them to traverse the ocean, or perhaps Fly them directly to their destination.

As players progress, the Monsters get rarer and more durable which leads players to taking advantage of M3O's Monster Centers and Shops. Monster Centers are essentially the medical and storage hubs of the Averium Isles where Monsters can be put away for safekeeping or simply have their Health Points replenished. Shops are where players buy any and all items, but not necessarily just items! Every Shop visited has two branches of merchandise: Game-sold items and player-sold Items. Items sold by the game are things like Monster Boxes which are used to capture Monsters, or Tasty Potions which are effective for healing Monsters on the go. The items sold by players are accessed at any Shop and listed in a Bazaar or marketplace and put up for sale with any price the player desires.

However, the Bazaar is more commonly used for selling and trading Monsters. With a thriving economy, players will often look to sell their duplicate or rare Monsters for very generous profit which will allow them to buy other items, such as Monster boxes which permits them to catch more Monsters to sell and repeat the cycle. Rarity of Monsters is determined through a specific tier system. From most common to rarest, these are the tiers: Regular - Superior - Emissary - Zenith - Legendary - Ancient. Rarity of a Monster is generally heavily linked to the Monster's overall power, making rarity a key factor when building a strong team of Monsters. Because the upper tiers are hard to find, their value is augmented. Even at early stages in the game, players have ample opportunity to hunt for rare Monsters.

On their journey, players will encounter various kinds of geography and all manner of Monster habitats, everything from lush forests and choking deserts to volcanic caverns and icy wonderlands! All the while on the move, players can access a built-in chat and private messaging system allowing them to communicate and interact with other players. The chat is divided into a grand total of 32 different languages so that no matter where you're from you can type in your native tongue. Staff members watch the chat daily to make sure that nobody tries to spoil anyone's fun, ensuring that every player may enjoy the game to its fullest. Aside from casual chatter, players are also brought together through competition; PvP plays a very heavy role in the game, because winning battles earns you precious points and the top 1,000 players have their exact rank listed in the chat (anything above 1k is shown as "1,000+"). Being in the "Top 1k" is considered a feat of determination and carries with it a strong sense of notoriety and success.

PvP is a very in-depth matter at M3O because of all the fun variables that take place in each and every battle. There are 18 different Monster Types, each with strengths or weaknesses against other types. Some types even have resistances or are unaffected by certain types. Moves also have one of the 18 elemental types, however they are further diversified by being split into "Physical", "Special", and "Supplementary" moves. Each Monster has six stats which determine their net strength; those six are Health Points (HP), Attack (Physical), Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Defense decreases damage taken from Physical moves and Attack increases damage dealt by your Monsters own Physical moves. Likewise, Special Attack and Special Defense work similarly. Battle is turn-based with both Monsters performing one move per turn, and Speed determines who attacks first in a turn. HP dictates the total Health Points you have; the higher your Monster's HP, the more times an enemy Monster has to hit it to defeat it. Supplementary moves are moves that do not do damage but boost one or several stats and strengthen a Monster; some Physical and Special moves have Supplementary effects, however because they deal damage they aren't classified as Supplementary. With 1,366,669 registered users and rising, you're never going to run out of new people with which to test your skill!

There are plenty of customization options, such as user avatars and overworld sprites. You'll even be able to give your Monsters their own nicknames!

A continuous stream of content is being added to M3O, shaping it to be one of 2011's must-play games. Whether you're casual or hardcore, solo or competitive, hermit or cooperative, Monster MMORPG is the game for you. Remember, it's free to play... forever!
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