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MonsterMMORPG is rated PG, therefore all content must be child-friendly. By creating an account at PokemonPets, you agree to remain PG and follow any and all rules associated with the game.

General Game Rules:

1. General Rules:

1.1. Using any kind of bot, software or tool to farm Monsters, gold etc. is strictly prohibited.

1.2. Buying or selling gold, Monsters, and/or items for real money is strictly prohibited. Those found selling for real money will be permanently banned from the game immediately.
To prevent the permanent ban, you're required to donate an equal amount to the game.

1.3. Usernames which contain inappropriate words, like curses, sexual, racist, references to drugs/alcohol/inappropriate persons, and/or offensive/provocative slurs are strictly prohibited. Users with those names will be warned and given 24 hours to either change their name or create a new Account. Ignoring the warning or refusing to change it will result in that account's deletion.

1.4. Game profile avatars must not contain sexual, violent or in any other way PG unsuited imagery.

2. Chat Rules:

2.1. Do not share personal information (e.g. full name or phone number).

2.2. Swearing or bypassing chat's word filter is strictly prohibited.

2.3. No linking to competitor or harmful sites.

2.4. No baiting Moderators.

2.5. Talking about drugs/alcohol etc. are strictly prohibited!

2.6. No repeated begging or asking for free monsters, gold or items.

2.7. Speak the language assigned to each chat.

2.8. No flaming, trolling or harassing other players for the purpose of incite anger or frustration.

2.9. Some topics are prone to create arguments, those topics are to be dropped once it turns heated or extremely boring (example of such would be Politics or Religion).
2.9.1. If a moderator says, that a topic needs to be dropped, it must be dropped immediately.

2.10. No sexual commentary or harassment.

3. Global Chat:

3.1. No spamming in Global Chat. The following is considered spamming:
3.1.1. Posting more than 6 times in a row. 
3.1.2. Repeatedly posting messages that consist of one word, letter, number, or symbol.
3.1.3. Roleplaying.
3.1.4. Advertising or requesting sell or trade.

3.2. Global Chat is English only.
3.2.1. Foreign greetings are allowed in Global Chat.
3.2.2. Using a foreign language to explain it's English only, is also fine.

4. Trade Chat:

4.1. Trade Chat IS ONLY FOR Market/Shop and Bazaar advertisements and related chit-chat.
4.1.1. No more than 5 posts in a row. Wait until your message is out of the view in chat,  or delete your old message, before posting the same again.

5. Random Chat:

5.1. You are allowed to do anything, EXCEPT:
5.1.1. Swear/bypass chat's word filter.
5.1.2. Flame/harass other players.
5.1.3. Discriminate or insult.
5.1.4. Make sexual commentary and/or jokes.

6. Guild Chat:

6.1. The Guild Leader states what's allowed and what isn't.
6.1.1. Should not be hurtful towards m3o or ppets (e.g. using it solely to trash talk it and to advertise other games etc.).

7. Moderator Rules:

7.1. All Moderators are to follow the rules at all times. Repeated failure to do so will result in the loss of the title.

7.2. Moderators need to stay updated on the rules.

7.3. Abusing your power in any way, even jokeful, is not allowed.

7.4. A CM's job is to ensure no chat rules are broken while they're online.
7.4.1. SCMs are to watch on CMs aswell. GAs are to watch on SCMs and CMs.

7.5. Sharing a CM or higher title account is strictly prohibited.

7.6. Sharing contents of Staff Members Chat is also prohibited.

7.7. How a moderator must act in case of rule breaking:

7.7.1. 1st offense: screenshot for evidence -> remove offense -> warn by pointing to rules. 2nd offense: screenshot -> ban -> point to rules. Ban without warning first if rule or 2.10. are broken. Ban immediately, no screenshot required, if offender is circumventing ban by logging into another account. Take screenshot before ban if offender is using different IP.
7.7.2. In case of repeat offender report to CeF for permanent ban from chat.
7.7.3. Arguing with the offender over the rules or parenting of the offender is not allowed.

8. Other:

8.1. If you lend gold, items and/or Monsters to other players, and they do not return it, Moderators are not responsible for your poor judgement. Use cautious when giving your stuff to other players.

8.2. Moderators are not responsible if your account is fished or hacked, because you used a link posted in Chat or PM.

8.3. You are responsible for your accounts activities. Blaming other people (e.g. family, friends etc.) is not an acceptable excuse for misbehaving or breaking the rules, you will still be held accountable.

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