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MonsterMMORPG is rated PG, therefore all content must be child-friendly. By creating an account at MonsterMMORPG, you agree to remain PG and follow any and all rules associated with the game.

Main Rules 

1. - Keep chat / your profile PG. (Child Friendly)

2. - English only in global chat, only speak the language assigned to each chat.

3. - No baiting or harassing, block a player if you can not be civil with them.

4. - If a mod says drop it, drop it. If you wish to argue, take it to pms.

5. - Only spam/roleplay in random chat.

6 - Do not advertise or request trade/sells in this chat.

7. - No posting links or discussing games not related to this site, that includes youtube and other media sites.

8. - No giving out personal info.

Trade Chat

1. - Keep this chat for trade/sell advertisements only. Use random for discussions and negotiations.

Random chat

1. - You may do anything here as long as it is PG and doesn't harass players.

Guild Recruitment

1. - Keep this chat for guild related advertisements/discussions only.

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