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The Stat Calculator is a tool to help determine the potential stats a MonsterMMORPG Monster can have at a given level.
First, select the Monster you want to see its stats and then its level or you can also input unique id of a tamed monster to load its current values.
You can also select a Nature, Abilities, Held Items to see full stats of a given monster like in a battle.
Additionally, if you know your Monsters's UVs (Unique Values) or TPs (Training Points), you can input those to see more accurate results.
Otherwise, it will account them as 0.

Load With Unique Id: Load With Monster Id: Load With Monster Name:
#1 Arctle
Class: Ancient
Total Base Stats: 926
Types: Ice, Water
Unique Id: 0
Held Item:
Ability 1:
Ability 2:
Ability 3:
UV Attack:
UV Defense:
UV SpAttack:
UV SpDefense:
UV Speed:
TP Attack:
TP Defense:
TP SpAttack:
TP SpDefense:
TP Speed:
Calculated Stats
HP: 12
Attack: 7
Defense: 9
SpAttack: 7
SpDefense: 8
Speed: 9
Total: 52
Unique Power: 0
Unique Power Type: Bug
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